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Choosing Dog Toys

October 2, 2022
Does your canine companion sometimes run up to you, holding his favorite toy? Does Fido get super excited when you bring home a new plaything? Picking out dog toys isn’t rocket science, but there are some things to consider. A local vet lists some in this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica area.


One of the first things you would want to check is size. Your four-legged friend could hurt his mouth on things made for larger pups, while playthings meant for smaller breeds could choke him. Choose things that are the right size for Fido.


Toys are definitely not one-size-fits all. Different toys fill different doggy needs. For instance, a soft plushy toy may be a comfort toy for pups to snuggle up with, while a puzzle toy may offer mental stimulation. Make sure your furry buddy has a good variety, and pay attention to what he likes best.

Fido’s Age

Your furry friend’s play habits will change over time. If Fido is a puppy, choose rugged toys that will hold up to lots of rough play and chewing. If you have an active adult dog, then your pooch may be most interested in things he can chase or pull. Senior dogs may prefer softer toys and ones that provide mental stimulation.

Prey Drive/Aggression

Dogs with aggressive tendencies can get a bit too excited with rough-and-tumble games like Tug O War. If Fido gets agitated easily, ask your vet for advice on this.


Squeaky toys are very popular among our canine friends. These resemble—and sound like—the small, furry critters that Fido would hunt in the wild. However, some dogs will eat the stuffing or squeaker. This can be extremely dangerous! Keep a close eye on your pooch when he’s playing with plushie toys. Also, stick with things made specifically for pets. Your four-legged pal may love your niece’s old teddy bear, but things made for people have more small pieces, like buttons, which are choking hazards.


Material is also something to look at. In general, try to stick with natural fabrics. You may also want to check where the product was manufactured. Not all countries have strict—or any—quality guidelines for pet products. Stick with things made in North America. Is your furry friend due for an exam? Contact us, your Villa Rica Area, GA animal hospital!

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