Our Careteam

Jessica B.
Office Manager
For as long as she can remember, Jessica has had a passion for helping animals in need. For her, the decision to become an animal care professional was an easy one. Jessica is thrilled to advance her veterinary career here at All About Animals Veterinary Services!

Born in Palm Beach, Florida, Jessica and her family moved to Kennesaw, Georgia before settling in Carrollton when Jessica was about seven years old. She attended school to study surgical technology, then brought her special interests in surgery and laboratory work to the clinic team in May of 2015. Jessica plans on continuing her education within the veterinary field in the near future.

When she has time away from her work, Jessica enjoys listening to music, attending concerts, reading great books, horseback riding, and spending time with her own pets. She has a tabby cat named Bash who pretty much rules.
Jessica T.
Veterinary Assistant
Ever since she was a little girl, Jessica found herself fascinated by animals. She would even imitate her family pets’ behavior because she wanted to know why they acted the way they did! As she got older, Jessica’s passion didn’t waver, and she decided to pursue a full-time career as a veterinary professional.

Jessica was born in Louisiana but grew up in southern Georgia. After graduating from the University of West Georgia, she applied here at the clinic and was hired on as the weekend Kennel Technician. Through pure hard work and determination, Jessica worked her way up to the Veterinary Assistant position. She hopes to attend veterinary school in the future to become a licensed veterinarian.

As a Veterinary Assistant, Jessica particularly enjoys helping in surgery; she’s seen single surgeries completely change the way a pet acts. Aside from her knowledge in small-animal care, Jessica also has experience in the zoo world—she interned at Zoo Atlanta, where she worked directly with zebras, giraffes, rhinos, and gazelles!

Jessica lives with her fiancé, Joey, and their young son Trent. The family shares their home with eight dogs—four miniature dachshunds, three pit bulls, and an elderly shepherd mix—as well as a pair of cats who spend most of their time acting like their canine counterparts.
Veterinary Assistant
Brittany was only four years old when she proclaimed to her parents that she would one day work with animals. Her childhood dream never wavered! Brittany has been caring for pets all her life, and is thrilled to continue her journey in animal care as a member of the All About Animals Veterinary Services family.

A Carrollton native, Brittany first started helping animals in a hands-on way when she began working in local horse farms. She attended the University of West Georgia to earn her bachelor’s degree in biology, then secured an internship opportunity at Zoo Atlanta. After her requirements were completed, Brittany was hired on as a seasonal zookeeper for six months and had the opportunity to care for creatures like giraffes, rhinoceroses, and kangaroos!

Brittany joined the All About Animals Veterinary Services team in December of 2017 as a Veterinary Assistant. She continues to learn something new every day, and she’s particularly fond of meeting clients and their adorable pets on a daily basis. Brittany never tires of hearing the fun stories that the area’s pet owners tell!

When she isn’t working, Brittany can be found horseback riding, writing, or spending time with her family, friends, and pets. She has three cats—Khan, Annabelle, and Gemini—as well as a dog named Casper and a horse, Freddie, who Brittany has owned for more than a decade.
Kennel Technician
Leann’s mother tells her that when Leann was a little girl, she would bring in all sorts of critters from the outdoors, hoping to care for them and offer them a loving home. She’s been fascinated by the world of animal care ever since she can remember! Leann couldn’t be happier to help pets every day as a member of All About Animals Veterinary Services’ kennel team.

Originally from Waco, Georgia, Leann currently studies biology at the University of West Georgia. She hopes to attend veterinary school in the future and become a licensed veterinarian herself! Leann is thrilled to complement her collegiate studies with hands-on pet care experience here at the clinic; she’s been a member of the hospital family since February of 2018.

In her free time between work and school, Leann enjoys working out at the gym, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. She and her fiancé, Jared, share their home with a high-maintenance cat named Baby, six fish, and an African bullfrog.
Veterinary Assistant
Bethany remembers walking around her childhood home with a stethoscope and a notebook, playing “veterinarian” with her family pets. She’s always felt a deep desire to help as many animals as she possibly could. Her own pets had received great care over the years here at All About Animals Veterinary Services, so when the time came to search for a vet clinic to call home, Bethany knew just where to turn. She’s now a proud member of the hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team!

Bethany attended the University of North Georgia for a time before moving back to her hometown and continuing to pursue her biology degree at the University of West Georgia. She started shadowing right here at the clinic in the summer of 2018, and was hired on as a Veterinary Assistant early the next year. She’s been serving the area’s pets and animal owners as a member of the hospital team ever since!

When she has a spare moment between her collegiate studies and her shifts here at the clinic, Bethany enjoys painting, reading, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets. At home, she has a pair of toy poodles named Crystal and Cuddles, Kyle the cat, and a Betta fish named Sharkbait. Bethany also has three horses who go by Little Man, Sapphira, and Kiaya.
As a child, Deidra used to drive her parents crazy with all of the stray animals she wanted to take in. She’s had a passion for pet care ever since she was a little girl! Now, Deidra is thrilled to jump headfirst into veterinary care as a member of the reception team here at All About Animals Veterinary Services.

Deidra is a native of Carrollton and joined the hospital family in July of 2019. Her favorite part of the job is getting to meet new animal owners on a daily basis—she never gets tired of seeing the special relationships between pets and owners up close!

When she’s not at work, Deidra enjoys staying active in her church and spending quality time with family. She and her husband, Erick, have two children: a daughter, Gracie, and a son named Charlie.