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Outdoor Winter Hazards For Cats

January 15, 2022

Do you by chance have a cat? If so, we highly advise keeping her safe and sound indoors, especially when it’s cold out. Fluffy may have an adventurous spirit, but she’s also very vulnerable and small. While outdoor cats face ongoing threats like cars and weather all year long, winter comes with a few more dangers. A local vet lists a few of them in this article. 


During this time of year, It gets dark fairly early. That can put your furry friend at increased risk from traffic and cars. Spotting potential threats may also be harder for her. 


Cold weather can be dangerous for Fluffy in spite of her natural fur coat. Plus, kitty sits really close to the ground so she could be tummy-deep in no time, even with just a few inches of snow on the ground. Frostbite is more common in cats than many people think. Kitties can easily get frostbite at the tips of their ears and tails, and even on their paws and legs. 

Increased Risk Of Getting Lost

Like most kitties, yours probably stays within a certain distance from home. On some occasions, Fluffy may venture further than you think. Snow and ice can camouflage the scents and landmarks that help your feline companion find her way back home. 


Many chemicals people use in winter are toxic to cats. For one, there’s antifreeze, which is extremely poisonous to our feline pals. Unfortunately, many types have an appealing taste to kitties. And while there are pet-friendly versions available, your neighbor may not use them, even if you do. 


Kitties really like to explore nooks and crannies, both indoors and out. If, during a storm, Fluffy decides to take shelter in a neighbor’s shed, she may not be able to get out.


If you happen to live in a rural area, there may be an increased risk from predators for your feline buddy … especially from those looking down from above. After all, Fluffy is easier to spot from the sky amid the white snow and the lack of foliage. 


For those who do let their furry pal out, or if your kitty is an opportunistic escapee that dashes out the door any chance she gets, be sure to offer her an emergency shelter. It can be a simple storage tote with a hole cut in one side.

If you have questions about your furry buddy’s health or care, contact us, your local animal clinic, today! 

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