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Holiday Bird Care

December 16, 2021
Season’s Greetings! At this time of year, you’ll see plenty of adorable seasonal items for dogs, cats, bunnies, and even pocket pets, but not so many for birds. However, our feathered friends do need some extra care and attention at this time of year. In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica Area, GA area, you’ll get a few tips on keeping Polly happy, healthy, and safe over the next few weeks. 


Food is one of the bigger pet hazards. Don’t let your winged pal have anything that isn’t safe for her! Some dangerous foods include avocados, chocolate, garlic and onions, and fatty foods. Ask your vet for specific advice on this.


Birds are small and fragile, and they can get distressed by a lot of changes and commotion. Visitors, noise, schedule changes, and even decorations can put Polly on edge. Pay a little extra attention to your colorful pet. If you’re having a party, you may want to cover her cage. If the cage is small enough, move it to a quiet room.


Trees are one of the big concerns for birds. Polly may very well try to land on the branches! However, pine needles—both real and fake—are very sharp, and can injure your cute pet. Plus, many trees have been treated with things like pesticides and fertilizers, which are toxic to birds. Ropy items, such as ribbons, tinsel, and garlands, can entangle your colorful pal, while sharp things like ornaments and ornament hooks can cut her. It’s best to put the tree in a room that Polly doesn’t have access to. 


Did you know that seasonal favorites, such as poinsettias, holly, ivy, yew, and mistletoe, are toxic to pets? Opt for fake versions, or keep them in rooms Polly can’t access. 


Birds have very fragile lungs, and they can get sick from breathing any type of smoke or fumes. Skip those scented candles and waxes, and don’t spray perfumes or aerosols around Polly. Vapors from fireplaces, cookware, and even cleaning agents are also unsafe. 


Don’t forget to pick up a few things for Polly! Perches and toys are excellent stocking stuffers for your feathered friend! Happy Holidays from everyone here at All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica Area, GA area. Please contact us for all your winged friend’s veterinary care needs. 

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