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Summer Care for Cats

July 15, 2020

We’re well into the hottest part of the year now. While many people enjoy the heat, it can be rough on cats. Fluffy has a fur coat on, and she can’t cool off by sweating. Plus, panting doesn’t work as well for kitties as it does for dogs. Overheating is a big concern for our feline pals at this time of year! In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, your Carrollton, GA pet hospital, serving the Villa Rica area, a vet offers some tips on helping cats beat the heat.


The best thing you can do to keep your cat cool this summer is to make sure she always has plenty of water. If you have more than one furball, a large house, or multiple floors, set out extra water bowls. If you do let Fluffy out, keep a water dish outside as well. Some cats actually prefer running water, so you may want to get your feline buddy a fountain.


Kitties are pretty good about keeping themselves clean, but that doesn’t mean they can’t occasionally use a helping hand. Brushing Fluffy will get that dead fur and dander out of her coat. This will keep her cooler and reduce the risk of hairballs. Plus, it will make your pet feel loved, safe, and maybe a bit pampered.


Many cats love fun outdoor activities, like chasing butterflies or rolling around in the grass. However, Fluffy is both safer and healthier indoors. Cats that are allowed to roam face some very serious dangers, such as heat, storms, gators and other wild animals, traffic, parasites, and chemical. Keep your kitty cool and comfy in air-conditioned rooms!

Cold Treats

Frozen snacks can be a little piece of heaven on a sweltering day. Give Fluffy a bowl of sodium-free broth or a chilled can of tuna. You can also pour tuna juice or wet cat food over shaved ice. Or, freeze some high-moisture canned food in small portions.


Hammocks are cooler than regular bed, as they allow air to move beneath them. Make Fluffy one by attaching a piece of material to the legs of a chair or table. Then, tell her not to sleep in it. She’ll probably hop right in!

Please contact All About Animals Veterinary Services, your Carrollton, GA pet hospital, serving the Villa Rica area, anytime. We’re here to help!

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