5 Purrfect Reasons To Hug Your Cat

There’s a pretty cute kitty holiday around the corner. May 30th is Hug Your Cat Day! While you certainly don’t need a reason to hug your feline pal, this is a great time to show Fluffy some extra TLC. In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, your Carrollton, GA pet hospital, serving the Villa Rica area, a vet lists some reasons why cats deserve cuddles.

They’re Cute

Kitties are almost impossibly cute. Fluffy’s furry face, charming meows, and playful antics can brighten up anyone’s day. One might even say that our feline friends were made to be cuddled. They fit right into our arms, and are just the right size to curl up on our laps!

Hugs Are Beneficial

Did you know that hugging your cat is good for both you and Fluffy? Many kitties think of their humans as their ‘parents,’ so getting lots of attention and affection from us helps keep them happy and content. When you snuggle your pet, a hormone called oxytocin in released in both of you. This hormone is called the Cuddle hormone, and it reinforces that special bond of love between you and your furball.

Kitty Affectionate

Although some kitties are naturally aloof, many of our feline buddies are really quite the little cuddlebugs. In fact, some cats would love to be petted and held 24/7. That unconditional love is a truly special gift!

Healing Hugs

As it turns out, Fluffy’s soothing purr has some very special qualities. Hugging cats can help lower your blood pressure, promote healing, and even improve bone density. Cuddling our furry pals can also be very soothing. This can be quite helpful for people who are battling things like depression, fatigue, grief, depression, and PTSD.

It’s Relaxing

It’s always nice to relax with a good book or movie and a snuggly cat. Cuddling up with a purring kitty is a great way to unwind after a long day. Fluffy can also be a great sleeping aid!


Not all cats enjoy hugs. Some kitties prefer to be admired from a distance. Don’t worry: you can still get Fluffy’s little motor going by talking to her and giving her treats, toys, and catnip.

Please contact us here at All About Animals Veterinary Services, your Carrollton, GA vet clinic, serving the Villa Rica area, anytime. We’re dedicated to keeping kitties purring!

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