Hamster Care Tips

May 10th is National Hamster Day! Hamsters aren’t as big or personable as many other pets, and you’ll probably never train them to fetch your shoes or roll over on commend. However, these tiny furballs are very cute and fun little pets! In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, your Carrollton, GA pet hospital, serving the Villa Rica area, a local vet discusses hamster care.


Hammie will need a good cage. The minimum size you will need depends on what type of hamster you get, and how many you have. Do some research, and ask your vet for advice. Once you have the cage, you’ll need to add a safe substrate, such as aspen. Avoid pine and cedar products, as they aren’t safe for pets. Hammie will also need a water bottle and a hidey-hole.

Types Of Hamsters

There are several types of hamsters, and they are all absolutely adorable. The ones most often kept as pets are the Syrian hamster; Roborovski hamster; Russian Dwarf Campbell hamster; and the Winter White Russian hamster, which is also called the Djungarian or Siberian hamster. While some hamsters can be kept in same-sex pairs or small groups, Syrian hamsters should always live alone.


Hammie will need lots of toys, including plenty of chew toys. He will also enjoy an exercise wheel. Just get a solid one, as wire wheels can cause injuries. Your furry pal may also enjoy a runabout. Keep excursions short and sweet, supervise him carefully, and don’t let him roll around near things like pools or staircases.


Hamsters are very popular kids’ pets, and with good reason. They’re inexpensive, harmless, and easy to care for, not to mention adorable. However, keep in mind that these pint-sized furballs are more active at night. If you put Hammie’s cage in your child’s room, he may keep your youngster awake!


A proper hamster diet should consist of commercial hamster food, supplemented with grass hay, safe fruits and veggies, and, of course, the occasional treat. Hamsters are great beggars, so you may need to steel yourself against that cute face. Otherwise, your tiny pet may become obese! Do some research, and ask your vet for specific advice.

Please contact All About Animals Veterinary Services, your Carrollton, GA pet hospital, serving the Villa Rica area, with any questions about hamster care. We are here to help!

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