Helping Your Cat Become More Cuddly

Cats are very unique little pets, and they all have their own purrsonalities. Some are little cuddlebugs, that want attention 24/7. Others are much more aloof. And some kitties are extremely shy and wary of people. In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica area, a local vet discusses helping timid felines become more cuddly.

Provide Veterinary Care

Cats often withdraw when they’re sick or injured. Fluffy also act grumpy and/or frightened if she isn’t feeling well. Have your vet examine her, to rule out any medical issues.

Never Force Attention

Never force attention on a cat. For one thing, that’s a good way to get scratched. If Fluffy doesn’t like being held or petted, this will make her even more uneasy. Let your furball decide when it’s time to cuddle, and when it’s time to stop.

Talk To Your Cat

It’s very important to make Fluffy feel loved and safe. One way to do that is to simply talk to her. If nothing else, she’ll know you’re paying attention to her and trying to communicate. The more you interact with your kitty, the more interactive she’ll become.

Sweeten The Deal

You want your feline pal to form ‘pawsitive’ associations with you. One way to do this is to offer toys and treats. Sit cross-legged on the floor, hold a treat out, and call Fluffy. When she approaches, give her the treat. If she allows it, gently pet her forehead.

Kitty Playtime

Playing is very fun for cats, but it also helps them burn off excess energy. Play with Fluffy regularly. Use toys that you control, like wand toys or laser pointers.

Offer Kitty Comforts

Make your home into a kitty luxury palace by offering things like comfy napping spots, scratching posts, toys, and window views. Fluffy should also have a safe spot to retreat to in every room. This can be a spot behind the couch, a cat tower, or a pet tent.

Give It Time

Sometimes cats are skittish because they weren’t socialized properly, or have had bad experiences. If you know or suspect that this may be the case with your kitty, don’t expect overnight changes. With time and TLC, you may very well see Fluffy blossom!

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