5 Reasons To Adopt A Rescued Bird

January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month! Of course, as far as we’re concerned, any month is a good time to give one of our feathered friends a second chance. Adopting a bird is a wonderful thing to do, and can be a very rewarding—not to mention fun—experience. In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica area, a local vet lists some reasons to consider adopting a rescued bird.

They’re Fun

Birds are both adorable and highly entertaining. Some of our winged pals will even dance and sing! Your colorful little pet is bound to put a smile on your face!

They Don’t Need Much Room

One wonderful thing about birds is the fact that they don’t need much space. Polly will need daily time out of her cage, so you’ll have to do some petproofing. However, the cage itself may fit nicely into a corner. (Tip: corners are often perfect spots for birds.)

They Have Personalities

Birds are small, but they pack a lot of personality into small packages. Some are friendly and cuddly, some are rambunctious and playful, and others are quite timid. No matter which category Polly falls into, your winged friend may quickly melt your heart!

No Training Needed

Some of our animal companions need quite a bit of training. However, Polly doesn’t need much of a petucation. She’ll be perfectly happy just being a bird!

Birds Need Love Too

We believe that all of our animal companions, no matter how big or small they are, should be treated with love and kindness. While no one can help every single bird out there, even saving one is an important step, and is definitely something to feel great about.


Although birds have many wonderful qualities, they aren’t necessarily the right pet for everyone. Before proceeding, think very carefully, and do plenty of research, including some breed-specific research. You’ll also want to consider your household. For instance, a bird may not be the best fit for a household with smokers, or one with dogs and/or cats. Other things to think about include Polly’s longevity, care needs, and, of course, her volume button.

Please reach out to us here at All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica area, for all of your pet bird’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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