Black Cat Appreciation Day

There’s a special kitty holiday coming up: National Black Cat Day is November 17th! While we love cats of all colors and patterns, black cats get a bit of a bad rap. That really isn’t fair, as they are just as sweet and lovable as any other kitties. In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica area, a vet discusses black cats.


As you probably know, black cats have long been associated with things like witches, bad luck, and Halloween. Much of the folklore about black cats date back to the Middle Ages, when people began to associate black cats with witchcraft. These old folk tales have no basis in reality. Unfortunately, the superstitions persist to this day.

Adopting Fluffy

Black cats typically spend much more time in shelters than other kitties do. They’re also more likely to end up in shelters to begin with. Almost a third of black cats end up being rehomed! Black kitties are also 2/3 less likely to get adopted than white ones are. Shelters also have to be wary about people who adopt cats for the wrong reasons. Many shelters won’t adopt black cats around Halloween for this reason. The news isn’t all bad, though. There seems to be an uptick in black cat adoptions recently. That’s definitely a pawsitive trend!

Curious Facts

Did you know that black cats aren’t really black? If you look at Fluffy when she is in the sun, you’ll see that her fur is actually dark brown. If your kitty spends enough time in the sun, her coat will lighten up. You may even see a pattern emerge!

Fluffy As Cupid

The rumors about black cats aren’t all bad. In some places, they are actually seen as furry little matchmakers. In Japan, it’s believed that single women with black cats get more suitors. Black cats were also typically given as wedding gifts in Great Britain.

Healthy Cats

Here’s an interesting fact: a study done by the National Institutes of Health found that black cats have a genetic mutation that protects them from certain diseases. In humans, these mutations help humans resist HIV. Black cats might just be a bit magic after all!

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