Setting Up A Bunny Cage

Have you recently decided to adopt a bunny? Congratulations! You’ve chosen an adorable pet. In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica area, a vet offers some tips on setting up Floppy’s cage.


When it comes to bunny cages, bigger is always better. Floppy should have plenty of room to run, jump, play, stand, and stretch out, without tripping over her things or touching the top or sides of her cage.


One thing that is very important is getting a cage with a solid floor. Wire floors can cause serious injuries! They also won’t hold substrate.


Speaking of substrate, it’s next on our list. Avoid pine and cedar substrates: they really aren’t safe for small animals. You can use paper-based substrates, or ones made from softer woods, like aspen.


Bunnies are prey creatures in the wild, so they tend to get scared easily. Offer Floppy a place to retreat to if she gets frightened or just wants privacy.


Did you know that bunnies can be litterbox trained? Floppy can use a cat litterbox, or a cement-mixing pan. Ask your vet for training instructions.


Hay should make up the bulk of Floppy’s diet. You may want to get her a hayrack. (Tip: If you are adding a litterbox, put the hayrack above it.)


Floppy is both intelligent and curious. She’ll need lots of toys to play with, including plenty of chew toys. Wood, wicker, cardboard, and paper items are usually fine, as long as they are clean, undecorated, and free of small parts and sharp edges.


The old real estate adage, location, location, location definitely applies to bunny cages. Your furball will be happiest in a quiet spot where she can see and hear you without being surrounded by constant commotion. Don’t put Floppy’s cage in direct sunlight, near a heater or AC duct, or in loud areas.


Bunnies may look innocent, but they’re actually quite stubborn. They also tend to be a bit territorial about their cages. You may notice Floppy moving things around and getting her little home exactly how she likes it. You may be faced with some ‘rabbitude’ if you rearrange your pet’s things!

Please contact All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica area, with any questions or concerns about bunny care. We’re here to help!

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