5 Ways To Help Your Dog Live Longer

Dogs are one of life’s greatest joys. If there were one thing that we could change about our canine friends, it would be to give them longer lifespans. Unfortunately, the time we have to spend with our furry pals passes much too quickly. While we can’t change the fact that dogs just don’t live as long as we do, we can offer tips on helping them reach a ripe old age. In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica area, a local vet discusses helping Fido live longer.

Good Food

Offer your pup the best food you can afford. (Tip: choose products that contain whole ingredients, which should be mostly meat, fish, or poultry.) Don’t overfeed your furry friend, though. If Fido becomes obese, he’ll face some very serious health risks, which can shorten his lifespan.


Fido will reap some great rewards from regular exercise, such as lowered stress, greater happiness, stronger bones and muscles, and a healthier heart, to name a few. Of course, your pet’s exact activity needs will depend on his age, weight, health, and breed. A Chihuahua may only need a short daily walk, while a retriever may need much more than that. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Mental Stimulation

Enrichment and stimulation are very important. If Fido isn’t getting enough entertainment, he may act up. Some bored-doggy shenanigans—such as trying to escape and eating things that aren’t food—are very dangerous! Offer your pooch lots of toys, and take time to walk and play with him daily. Training will also keep your pet entertained, and can keep him out of dangerous situations.

Veterinary Care

Make sure Fido is getting proper veterinary care. Most dogs should come in at least once a year for exams and vaccinations. At home, keep up with your pup’s grooming, dental care, and parasite control. If you notice any signs of sickness, call your vet immediately.


Your furry buddy’s home care routine will have a huge impact on his overall health. Do some puppyproofing, and provide your pet with doggy comforts, like good beds. Finally, spend time with Fido every day, and keep that cute tail wagging by offering lots of love and belly rubs.

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