Signs That Your Cat Needs Emergency Care

Cats are quite mysterious little furballs. We may never know why they love boxes so much, or what makes them so tired. While many of Fluffy’s enigmatic characteristics are cute, her secrecy can work against her. If your feline buddy ever gets sick, she may instinctively try to hide all signs of illness. That can make it hard for pet parents to know when their kitties aren’t feeling well. In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica area, GA, a local vet lists some signs that your cat needs immediate veterinary care.


Fluffy may be a bit finicky, but she should always be interested in her dinner. If your kitty just ignores her bowl entirely, and isn’t meowing for something different, she may be ill.


This one is somewhat situational. If your neighbor brings their dog over to visit, it may be perfectly normal for Fluffy to bolt for her favorite hiding spot. However, if your furball seems withdrawn and/or uncharacteristically anti-social, she could be sick.


The occasional hairball is, unfortunately, not uncommon for cats. Extreme or excessive vomiting, however, is another story, and can indicate a serious medical problem.

Litterbox Issues

Litterbox troubles can signify a variety of dangerous medical issues. Any change in the color, texture, or amount of your cat’s waste can be an indication that something is wrong. If your kitty has trouble relieving herself, it’s a serious red flag. Treat this as an emergency and take Fluffy to the vet immediately.


Fever is another sign that your beloved pet isn’t feeling well. It isn’t always easy to tell if your cat has a fever, so if Fluffy seems hotter than usual, play it safe and contact your vet.

Respiratory Issues

Healthy kitties breathe quietly, at least when they aren’t meowing for treats or attention. If Fluffy is coughing, gasping, or wheezing, call your vet immediately. Respiratory issues can be very dangerous for cats!

Uncharacteristic Behavior/Vocalization

Kitties all have their own unique purrsonalities: some are vocal and outgoing, and others are quite shy. Any changes in your pet’s behavior, habits, and/or vocalizations can be a red flag. For example, a quiet cat that starts meowing incessantly could be sick.

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