Creating the Perfect Catio

Do you keep your kitty indoors? If so, that’s great! Cats are much better off staying inside. If you want to give your kitty a taste of nature, why not make her a catio? This is a great way to use a sunroom or patio! In this article from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica Area, GA, a local vet offers tips on creating a catio.


Set out some non-toxic plants for your kitty. This will give your feline pal a taste of the Great Outdoors, and offer her a chance to peek out at you through green leaves and pretend she’s a fierce hunter. Money tree plants, Rubber tree plants, Spider plants, and Boston ferns are all great options. You can find a full list of nontoxic plants online at the ASPCA website.


No catio is complete without some kitty furniture. A cat tower is an excellent choice! This will provide Fluffy with a jungle gym, napping spot, and a high vantage point. If you’re trying to save money, go the DIY route and make one. You can turn a stepladder into a cat tower simply by adding boards to the steps to widen them out. Then, wrap the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. You’ll find more great ideas online. Don’t forget to include some comfy furniture for yourself!


Make sure to set out lots of fun toys for Fluffy to play with. Classic kitty toys, like catnip mice and wand toys, are fine, but you can also pamper your pet with automated laser pointers, mechanical ‘swimming’ fish, and other fun modern toys.

Kitty Fountain

Did you know that many kitties prefer to drink running water? A catio is a great place for a pet fountain!


Put a birdfeeder up, in a spot where your cat can see it. Fluffy may spend hours just sunbathing and spying on local wildlife!


One easy way to make your catio even more fun and inviting for your furball? Add some cardboard boxes. Our feline pals just can’t seem to resist boxes! You can even make a little box castle for your kitty.

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