New Year’s Resolutions for Puppies

Happy New Year! Has a puppy recently joined your household? If so, you’re in for a very fun and adorable year with your new pet. Little Fido may have some pretty big plans on his 2018 agenda. In this post from All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica, GA area, a vet lists some New Year’s resolutions for puppies.


Proper nutrition is crucial at this stage of your cute pet’s life. Dogs grow very fast in their first year! Offer little Fido a good, nourishing diet.

Learn New Things

Little Fido has a lot to learn in 2018! Teach the little guy basic doggy obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Housebreaking and crate training are also important. If your schedule is really packed, or if you don’t know how to train your pet, look into doggy daycare or obedience classes.


Our canine buddies are very curious, and love to explore new places and conquer new patches of grass. Take little Fido on some fun outings in the coming year: visit a doggy park, or try a new trail.


Did you know that dogs spend about half of their time sleeping? Get Fido a comfy doggy bed to snuggle up in this year!

Make New Friends

Socialization is very important for young dogs. Have a puppy party for little Fido, or take him to a park and let people pet him. This will help him grow into a friendly, well-behaved adult.


Playful puppies are absolutely adorable! Offer little Fido lots of fun toys, and take time every day to play with him. Our canine friends don’t always know what is and isn’t safe for them to chew on, so be sure to ask your vet for puppyproofing tips.

Visit The Doctor

Little Fido will need to come in a few times during that first year, for vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter surgery. We love watching puppies grow into happy, healthy adult dogs!

Collect Belly Rubs

Help your cute pet achieve this important goal by spending lots of time with him, and paying attention to him every day. What better is there to unwind than by hanging out with your furry best friend?

Please contact us, your Villa Rica Area, GA pet clinic, anytime. We look forward to providing your puppy with excellent care in 2018 and beyond.

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