6 Adorable Things Your Cat Will Do Over the Holiday

The holiday season is officially here! While you are busy shopping, cooking, and decorating, your feline friend will also be occupied . . . by keeping up with her napping and grooming schedule. Fluffy does have a few extra things on her calendar for the coming weeks, however. Below, a Villa Rica Area, GA vet lists some super cute things your cat will do over the holidays.

Get In The Way

Kitties may be small, but they have some pretty big egos. As far as Fluffy is concerned, she is the ruler of the universe. Don’t be surprised if Her Furry Majesty decides to nap in the middle of the floor, right in the line of traffic. Your pet may also sprawl out on your giftwrapping paper, or rub against your legs as you are cooking.

Play With Decorations

Kitties are very playful, and just can’t resist batting at shiny objects. Fluffy may have a blast playing with some of the ornaments on your tree. Just be sure to put your pet’s health and safety first. Hang only sturdy, unbreakable objects on the bottom of the tree. Since tinsel, ribbons, garlands, lights, and ornament hooks can all be dangerous to cats, keep these things well out of paws’ reach.

Steal Chairs

Cats love finding new napping spots, and are purrticularly fond of warm places. Your opportunistic pet may very well hop into a recently-vacated seat and curl up for a snooze.

Lend A Helping Paw

Our feline pals can be quite helpful little furballs. Fluffy may try to ‘assist’ you with wrapping gifts, decorating the tree, or changing the sheets in your spare room.

Play In Boxes

While we can’t entirely explain Fluffy’s box obsession, we do know that it’s super cute. Your kitty may hate the time of her life jumping into the empty boxes after everyone has finished opening gifts!

Refuse To Pose For Photos

Fluffy takes charming holiday photos, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to cooperate. Don’t be surprised if you find your cat looking absolutely adorable, only to have her move as soon as you reach for your phone or camera. That’s kind of just what cats do.

Be Adorable

Happy Holidays! If we can ever be of assistance, please contact All About Animals Veterinary Services, serving the Villa Rica Area, GA area. We’re here to help!

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