Fido’s Favorite Things

One of the best things about dogs is their ability to just be happy. It doesn’t take much to get that furry tail wagging! In fact, simple pleasures are the best, as far as Man’s Best Friend is concerned. In this article, a Carrollton, GA vet lists some of Fido’s favorite things.

Belly Rubs

When you rub that cute furry tummy, you may be rewarded with an adorable doggy smile. Fido may close his eyes in sheer bliss, and, if you get that spot, he may start thumping his leg happily. We think doggy tummies are a little bit magical: it’s impossible to give belly rubs without smiling.

Car Rides

Does your dog bounce with joy when you ask him if he wants to go for a ride? This is one area thing Fluffy and Fido have very different opinions on: cats seem to equate car rides with some form of torture, while many of our canine friends absolutely love them. Always put your pet’s safety first: keep Fido in a crate when traveling.


A walk around the block can be a fabulous adventure for your furry friend. Fido loves to sniff grass, as that sensitive nose of his will tell him all sorts of things about what’s going on in your neighborhood. Even if you have a yard for your dog to patrol, take him out for at least one walk each day. It’s good for both of you!

Dinner! Snacks! Food!

We’re willing to bet that your canine pal probably perks up when you cook something yummy or reach for the doggy biscuits. Dinnertime is definitely one of Fido’s favorite things! And if your pooch gets a delicious snack, well, you are going to have one happy pet on your hand. Just be careful not to overindulge your pup with fatty treats.


You are the center of your canine friend’s world, and the apple of his eye. Fido wants nothing more than to be with you. It doesn’t matter whether you and your pooch are hanging out to watch a movie, playing a game of fetch, or just taking a nap together. Dogs’ loyalty is a beautiful and wonderful gift, and definitely something to be appreciated and savored.

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