The Rules of Being a Cat

Kitties are full of adorable quirks and mannerisms. While all of our feline friends definitely have their own unique purrsonalities, many of these furballs do share some funny and sometimes perplexing quirks. Is there a feline code of conduct we don’t know about? A Carrollton, GA veterinarian discusses Fluffy’s golden rules in this article.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

If there was a number one rule for being feline, it would probably be to get plenty of sleep. Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Looking cute must be really hard work!

When All Else, Fails, Just Look Cute

That mischievous streak can lead our feline pals right into trouble. Your furball may scratch your furniture, break something, or hop into a box or suitcase you’re using. When you find Fluffy misbehaving, don’t be surprised if she looks at you innocently and gives you an extra-adorable meow. Chances are, you’ll sigh and give your furry overlord some attention. Which, of course, is exactly what she wants.

Everything Is A Toy

Our feline friends are quite playful, especially when they’re little. In fact, as far as kittens are concerned, pretty much everything is a toy: your belongings, your furniture, even you! Make sure to offer your cat suitable toys to keep her amused.

Supervise Your Humans

Cats are typically very interested in what their people are doing. Your furball may follow you around from room to room, and hop onto chairs near you so she can observe you at all times.

Be Vigilant

This rule only applies when your cat is actually awake, of course. Kitties are often very aware of anything and everything that ventures onto their territory. Your watchful furball may alert you to the presence of unauthorized moths, spiders, and flies, and will definitely let you know if a stray cat wanders across the yard!

Use The Purr To Control Your Humans

One of the most adorable things about cats is the fact that they vibrate with happiness. Fluffy’s purr is not only cute: it can be very soothing, and may even promote healing. Of course, kitties sometimes need a bit of help with this one. Cuddles and proper attention may be required to get that little motor started.

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