5 Ways to Help Animals in 2016

Happy New Year! As we start a fresh new year, many of us are making new resolutions. Fitness, financial, and educational goals are all wonderful, but it also feels great to set goals to do some good. Helping animals is certainly a wonderful cause, and something that you can easily incorporate into your resolutions this year. Below, a Carrollton, GA vet lists some ways to help animals in 2016.

Helping Animal Welfare Groups

Many animal welfare organizations run on very tight budgets, and face ever-increasing costs. Financial donations are always wonderful, but you can also help by donating supplies, or even volunteering some of your free time.


If you have children, take time to teach them about how wonderful our animal friends are, and why they should always be treated with kindness and compassion. To help your little ones learn about how different species eat, live, and act, take a trip to the zoo, or watch some appropriate movies or educational documentaries together. You can also help by sharing stories about our animal friends on social media.


Fostering is a wonderful way to help animals in need. Not everyone is cut out to be a foster pet parent, however; you’ll need lots of time, some extra room, and the ability to pay for some or all of the animal’s care. You’ll also need to seriously consider whether you’ll be able to let go when it comes time for your furry ward to go to their forever home. If you think fostering may be a good option for you, ask at a local shelter or rescue group.


If your furbaby hasn’t been fixed yet, we recommend you see to this right away. Animal overpopulation is one of the main reasons why so many sweet animals are homeless or in shelters. Even if you give your furball’s offspring to great homes, there are no guarantees that their own litters will fare so well.

Adopt Wisely

Are you considering adopting a new pet? Make sure you can commit to your little pal for their entire lifespan. It’s also important to choose a pet that suits both you and your household. Remember, adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment!

Please contact us, your local Carrollton, GA veterinary clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs in and beyond 2016. We are here to help!

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