Cute Ideas for Holiday Pet Photos

Do you take holiday photos every year to send to friends and family members? Why not incorporate your pet into this year’s picture? This can be a great way to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces. A local Carrollton, GA veterinarian offers some adorable ideas in this article.

Seasonal Hats

Our furry friends look super cute in Santa hats! You can also get a photo of Fido or Fluffy in their Santa hat, eating from a plate of doggy cookies with a note that says ‘For Santa’. Reindeer antlers are also adorable. A word to the wise: when it comes to wearing hats, some pets are more willing than others. Take the picture quickly, because your pet may not want to wear his headgear for long. If your furbaby is visibly agitated, try another option.


Take a cute picture of your pet in front of or beneath your tree. Just be sure not to let your furbaby play with fragile ornaments, tinsel, or lights, as these things can be very dangerous. Another note of precaution: if you get a real tree, cover the water dish so your pet can’t drink from it.


This is a great option for kitties! Get a pre-wrapped, empty holiday gift box, let Fluffy have it, and just start snapping. Chances are, you’ll end up with a super cute picture! Regular wrapped gifts can also make great photo props for both Fluffy and Fido.


Take a cute picture of your pet sleeping below your family’s holiday stockings. Don’t forget to include stockings for Fluffy and Fido!

Ugly Sweaters

If Fido has thin fur, why not bring him into a newer tradition, and get him an ugly holiday sweater? Just don’t put your pooch into anything with small parts or dangling strings that could choke or entangle him.


Do you have a Santa outfit, or know someone who does? Get a picture of your pet curled up on Santa’s lap!


Always put your furbaby’s safety first. Many holiday plants, such as poinsettias, are toxic to our furry pals, so don’t use these as props. Pets can also get entangled in or choke on ribbons, tinsel, and lights. Ornament hooks, candles, and fireplaces are also hazardous.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at your local Carrollton, GA vet clinic. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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