DIY Guinea Pig Toys

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? Congratulations! These tiny furballs, also known as cavies, are super cute and fun, and are fairly easy to care for. Cavies are very playful and curious, so you’ll need to provide your little buddy with plenty of toys to keep him happy. You can certainly buy many cute toys, but you can also save money by going the DIY route. In this article, a Carrollton, GA veterinarian lists some great DIY options for cavy toys.

Pet Tents

Guinea pigs love cuddling up in cozy beds or tents. You can make your adorable little pal a tiny tent out of an old tee shirt or baby blanket and a few wire hangers. To make it extra comfy, just put a fleece blanket in the bottom.

Hay Toys

Hay is great for Guinea pigs’ teeth and digestion, and can also keep them amused! Stuff a paper lunch bag with fresh hay, or put some in an empty tissue box.


The tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls can make fun cavy toys. You can cut them into rings and form balls out of them, stuff them with hay, or stuff them into an empty shoebox and drop snacks into them.


Build a little castle for your tiny furball out of tissue boxes or shoeboxes. Just remember to remove any staples!

Foraging Toys

Cavies love foraging for snacks. Crumple a plain piece of paper around a safe, yummy tidbit, and let your little furball have at it. You can also hide tasty treats in a pile of shredded paper. Ask your vet for healthy treat recommendations.


Many smaller animals enjoy playing in tunnels and mazes. Use non-toxic paper mache or PVC pipe to build your cavy a fun tunnel. You can even line up shoeboxes with holes cut in them.


You can make many fun cavy toys from plain paper. Fold plain paper into chains, boxes, or tents for your little buddy to play with.


Always put your cavy’s safety first. Avoid playthings with sharp edges or small pieces, and anything that has been dyed, stained, varnished, or painted. Certain woods, such as pine and cedar, are also on the no-no list. Ask your vet for more information.

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