Helping Your New Shelter Dog Settle In

Did you know that October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month? Many people have found their furry companions in animal shelters! A local Carrollton, GA gives advice on adopting a shelter dog below.

Adoption Day

Try to time things so that you can stay home for a few days with your new pet. When you pick Fido up, take him for a long walk before bringing him home. This will help him burn off excess energy, so he’ll be a bit calmer.

Settling In

When you bring your new furbaby home, set him up in a quiet back room with all the requisite supplies, such as food and water, bedding, and toys, and give him some time to adjust. Fido may also need to recoup after spending time in a shelter environment, so don’t be surprised if he sleeps a lot the first few days.


Dogs often thrive when they are on a set routine for dinner, walks, and playtime. Start your new pal out on a schedule right away, and stick to it. If Fido needs training, begin his classes right away.


Before bringing Fido home, check your yard to be sure that your fencing is secure and that your gates latch correctly. Man’s Best Friend has been known to bolt, and a dog that is in a new environment could easily get scared and run. Also, get a sturdy leash and collar that won’t snap if your pooch gets spooked and lunges.

Other Pets

If you have other pets, make sure that they are all current on their vaccinations before bringing your new dog home. Make introductions slowly and cautiously, over the course of several days, and monitor all interactions until you are confident that your four-legged friends are all getting along.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Punishment doesn’t work well with dogs, and can even backfire. Ignore bad behavior, and reward Fido for showing good doggy manners by giving him toys and treats.

Let Love Grow

Many shelter dogs understand that they have been saved and given a second chance. Fido may need time to adjust, but don’t be surprised if you are soon getting tail wags and doggy kisses. A dog’s love is a beautiful gift, and a wonderful reward for your kindness!

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