Jump-Start Your Cat’s Health With a Nutritious Diet

Your orange tabby Bella has become the most pampered feline in the neighborhood. Earlier this week, you adopted this feisty four-year-old cat from your town’s animal shelter. She quickly took charge of your home, exploring every corner before scattering cat toys and rolling on her plush bed. Each day, she grew more rambunctious, even chasing your much-larger dog through the halls. To power this action-packed lifestyle, Bella requires a top-notch food with plenty of nutrients. Fortunately, your Villa Rica, GA vet prescribed a balanced adult cat diet.

Sufficient Quality Proteins

Bella’s cells, tissues, and organs depend on regular supplies of top-notch proteins. Her body especially desires animal-derived proteins. Ideally, your feline housemate’s food will contain turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, or fish.

Power-Packed Carbohydrates

Bella sometimes resembles a furry perpetual motion machine. To maintain this frenetic pace, carbohydrates consistently provide her tissues with energy. Carbs also support her reproductive cycle, although that’s not important because she’s been spayed. Although experts haven’t determined a feline carb requirement, your cat must receive a specific amount of glucose for her brain and other vital organs.

Versatile Fats

Bella’s cell structures require fats to maintain their integrity. Fats provide insulation for her organs, shielding them from extreme heat or cold. Fats also protect your active girl’s organs from injury or trauma. Finally, fats furnish the densest form of energy, much more concentrated than proteins or carbs.

Minerals and Vitamins

Regular supplies of valuable minerals will help your cat’s teeth and bones to remain strong. In addition, these essential nutrients balance her body fluids and support a healthy metabolism. Vitamins also play a role in good metabolic function.

Life-Essential Water

Bella’s body relies on life-critical water to keep functioning. Water is so important that it comprises 60 to 70 percent of her body weight. If she suffers a 10 percent drop in her body’s water, she’ll become very sick. If she loses 15 percent of her body’s water, she will likely die. Avoid this disastrous outcome by keeping your cat well hydrated, regardless of the weather.

As Bella enjoys her adult years, and becomes a senior citizen, your Villa Rica, GA vet will give her regular checkups and address emerging issues. He’ll revise your cat’s diet to meet her changing nutritional needs. To provide your feline companion with excellent nutrition, contact us for expert advice.

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