Your Beautiful Pet Bird Deserves Top-Notch Care

Your colorful new parrotlet Mango has already turned on her avian charm. Earlier this week, you adopted this appealing feathered housemate through a well-regarded bird rescue group. First, you presented her comfy living quarters, complete with several enticing toys. Next, you introduced this happily chirping girl to your family. Finally, Mango visited your Carrollton, GA veterinary clinic for a new patient exam, a nutritious diet, and socialization advice.

Roomy, Well-Appointed Apartment

Mango requires a spacious enclosure that measures almost three times her wingspan’s width and depth. Your busy bird will likely spend considerable time chewing on the cage bars and latch. Keep a close eye on these components, and replace the entire enclosure when they appear questionable. If your clever bird escapes from her habitat, you might have a tough time retrieving her.

Provide your active girl with several perches. Buy her assorted colorful toys that will challenge her sharp little mind; and rotate them frequently. Treat puzzles are desirable, as they make her work for her treasured snacks.

Providing your bird with a squeaky-clean cage improves her chances of good health. She also requires fresh, clean water at least twice daily.

Tasty, Species-Appropriate Food

Feed Mango a tasty balanced diet that fuels her daily activities. Although she resembles her cockatiel and macaw cousins, she doesn’t have the same dietary requirements; and she eats different foods. If she consistently chowed down on ingredients meant for other birds, she could encounter undesirable health issues.

Although she’d probably appreciate an all-seed diet, her power-packed nutritional pellets are a better choice. This specially formulated blend should make up almost 80 percent of her daily calories.

If your vet approves, stir in bits of fresh veggies and/or fruits. Don’t ever feed her – or any other bird – toxic, dangerous foods such as onions, garlic, pasta, rice, or chocolate.

Family Group Socialization

Because your family comprises Mango’s social group, involve her in your indoor activities. Place her enclosure in a central location where she can view (and comment on) everyone’s comings and goings. For more interaction, watch her bathe and preen her feathers. Ask your vet about specific training tasks that should strengthen her family bond.

Your Carrollton, GA veterinary clinic will give Mango regular checkups and resolve emerging medical issues. To provide your pet bird with excellent care, contact us for expert advice.

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