Pamper Your Senior Dog With Special Care

Your senior golden retriever Dakota has snagged your home’s Top Dog honors. As the lucky winner, your ten-year-old companion gets the best sleeping spot, and he receives his food before your younger dog. On his daily walks, he gets more ear scratches than his canine buddies. You want Dakota to stay healthy through his golden years, so your Carrollton, GA veterinarian gives him regular physical checkups. He also provided your lucky dog with a tailored senior health program.

Targeted Senior Diet

Dakota has always crunched a tasty balanced diet. His vet-approved blend included quality proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. He still requires these nutrients, although in different amounts. Because he moves more slowly, he should decrease his daily calories.

Your vet pinpointed your dog’s nutritional needs and exercise habits. If he had gotten chunky, the vet would probably choose a specially formulated weight-loss blend. If your companion managed a chronic medical condition, the vet might select a food that supported his treatment plan.

Regular Canine Vaccinations

Your dog still requires vaccinations that protect him against infectious and dangerous canine diseases. The vet will consider his age, lifestyle, and health status before administering the proper vaccines.

Continued Dental Care

You think Dakota’s always been proud of his gleaming white teeth. Since he was a puppy, the vet has given him a dental checkup with each physical exam. Your dog also receives regular dental cleanings; and you’ve learned how to brush his choppers. This consistent attention has helped him to avoid harmful dental disease.

Enjoyable Gentle Exercise

Every day, Dakota enjoys two lengthy neighborhood strolls. Besides completing important business, he visits with his canine buddies and soaks up attention from his human fans. This regular exercise helps him to avoid obesity. Your vet will recommend other body-friendly workouts, such as slow-paced fetch games or warm-water swims.

If your dog seems to experience pain when he stands, walks normally, or climbs the steps, alert your vet. He can prescribe helpful medications and/or therapies.

As Dakota enjoys his senior years, your Carrollton, GA veterinarian will give him continued physical exams, ideally twice yearly. He’ll resolve emerging problems as necessary. If your dog’s food and water consumption are different, or his urination and/or defecation habits change, contact your vet. To provide your senior canine with excellent care, contact us for expert assistance.

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