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Office Manager

Suzanne loves working with animals because there’s truly never a dull moment. Every day, she’s thrilled to spend time around dogs, cats, and anything else that walks through the clinic doors! She works alongside her husband, Dr. Luke Lipham, as the Office Manager here at All About Animals Veterinary Services.

When Dr. Lipham’s previous Office Manager moved on in late 2013, Suzanne was just beginning to feel burned out from a 25-year career as a librarian. The open position at her husband’s clinic offered Suzanne the perfect opportunity to try something new! Her favorite part of the job is seeing clients satisfied with the service they receive here at the hospital, and she also loves getting to witness the many personalities of pets who visit the clinic.

At home in Heard County, Suzanne and Dr. Lipham live with several pets of their own. Suzanne has loved German shepherds since she was young, and currently owns sweet Gracie who pals around with Tess, Dulcie, and Poppy. Suzanne also owns horses and enjoys pleasure riding.

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Jessica T.

Veterinary Assistant

Ever since she was a little girl, Jessica found herself fascinated by animals. She would even imitate her family pets’ behavior because she wanted to know why they acted the way they did! As she got older, Jessica’s passion didn’t waver, and she decided to pursue a full-time career as a veterinary professional.

Jessica was born in Louisiana but grew up in southern Georgia. After graduating from the University of West Georgia, she applied here at the clinic and was hired on as the weekend Kennel Technician. Through pure hard work and determination, Jessica worked her way up to the Veterinary Assistant position. She hopes to attend veterinary school in the future to become a licensed veterinarian.

As a Veterinary Assistant, Jessica particularly enjoys helping in surgery; she’s seen single surgeries completely change the way a pet acts. Aside from her knowledge in small-animal care, Jessica also has experience in the zoo world—she interned at Zoo Atlanta, where she worked directly with zebras, giraffes, rhinos, and gazelles!

Jessica lives with her fiancé, Joey, and their young son Trent. The family shares their home with eight dogs—four miniature dachshunds, three pit bulls, and an elderly shepherd mix—as well as a pair of cats who spend most of their time acting like their canine counterparts.

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Jessica B.


For as long as she can remember, Jessica has had a passion for helping animals in need. For her, the decision to become an animal care professional was an easy one. Jessica is thrilled to advance her veterinary career here at All About Animals Veterinary Services!

Born in Palm Beach, Florida, Jessica and her family moved to Kennesaw, Georgia before settling in Carrollton when Jessica was about seven years old. She attended school to study surgical technology, then brought her special interests in surgery and laboratory work to the clinic team in May of 2015. Jessica plans on continuing her education within the veterinary field in the near future.

When she has time away from her work, Jessica enjoys listening to music, attending concerts, reading great books, horseback riding, and spending time with her own pets. She has two chinchillas, Envy and Jinks, who happen to be sisters. Jinks is the fearless one and loves jumping on everything and everyone, while Envy prefers the quiet life of eating and running on her wheel.

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Veterinary Assistant

Brandy never wanted to be a princess or an astronaut while growing up—she wanted to be a veterinarian. As a child, she never went a day without an animal by her side. Now, Brandy gets to return the unconditional loyalty and love that her pets showed her by working as a Veterinary Technician!

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brandy moved to Georgia with her family when she was only five years old. When she began receiving college admission letters during her high school years, Brandy visited a few local veterinarians to ask questions about their schooling. As it turned out, the first veterinarian that she talked to ended up offering Brandy a job!

After her first year of college, Brandy joined the team here at All About Animals Veterinary Services. She’s thrilled to gain even more real-world experience in the animal care industry before moving on to veterinary school. Brandy has a special interest in surgery, and also loves performing blood draws to discover signs of illness or infection.

At home, Brandy and her family share their lives with four dogs and a guinea pig. Bubba is a Husky mix who growls constantly; George, a mutt, is actually a female; Bear is a Brittany spaniel who thinks he owns the house; and Hooch is a pit bull with the most relaxed personality of any dog Brandy knows. The fur family is rounded out by a Pig Pig, a guinea pig who can fall asleep with Brandy for hours.

When she isn’t spending time with her own pets or caring for the area’s animals here at the clinic, Brandy is an avid writer. She’s been writing stories since elementary school, and finds writing to be very therapeutic to this day!

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Veterinary Assistant

Amy’s personal experiences with pets have brought her to one conclusion: animals provide unconditional love and loyalty, and therefore deserve the highest quality of care. Amy feels an intrinsic responsibility to provide guidance and compassion to as many pets and animal owners as possible, and gets to do just that here at All About Animals Veterinary Services!

Born and raised here in Carrollton, Amy caught the veterinary bug after becoming the owner of two wonderful Yorkshire terriers. She secured a job at a local animal shelter as a Kennel Technician, then became the Office Manager just one year later. Amy wanted to expand her animal-care knowledge and decided to attend Veterinary Technician school in Birmingham, Alabama. When she found out about an opening here at the clinic through her membership in the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association, she jumped at the chance; Amy started at All About Animals Veterinary Services in August of 2015.

Amy has a particular interest in animal anatomy, and never tires of studying the differences between breeds and genders. She’s also passionate about animal behavior and is fascinated by various breeds’ natural inclinations to act in certain ways.

In her time away from the hospital, Amy enjoys competing in fishing contests with her husband, Tim. They’ve won three tournaments together! Amy also writes children’s books, and is currently working on having her very first book published while writing her second.

Amy and her husband have three sons named River, Landon, and Austin, as well as a brand-new grandson. They share their home with Amy’s two loveable Yorkies, Joe and Jay J.

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Veterinary Assistant

Jade’s fascination with animals was first sparked as a young child, when her grandmother took her on a trip to Zoo Atlanta. Young Jade couldn’t wait to learn more about the unique creatures she saw before her. As she got a bit older, an interest in medicine and healthcare started to blossom—for Jade, a career in the world of veterinary medicine was simply the perfect choice!

Jade was born and raised in Atlanta alongside her parents and older sister. She attended Georgia State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in biology, graduating in 2014, before launching her veterinary career. Jade learned the ropes of the profession by working as a kennel assistant at a clinic in midtown Atlanta, then advanced into Veterinary Technician positions at hospitals in Douglasville and Villa Rica.

In the spring of 2017, Jade joined the All About Animals Veterinary Services team as a Veterinary Assistant, where she continues to learn something new every day. She especially loves passing along her knowledge to the general public and being able to strengthen the amazing bonds between pets and owners on a daily basis.

Jade currently lives in Winston and enjoys spending time with family, swimming and running to stay fit, writing and reading (she has a special fondness for Japanese anime!), and dabbling in art.

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Kennel Tech

Khristy has been an animal-lover her entire life; helping her family dog deliver nine puppies when Khristy was only 11 years old made a powerful impression! What better way to make a true and lasting difference in the lives of pets, she thought, than by serving as a veterinary professional?

Khristy started her journey in animal care by working in the grooming department of a local PetSmart. Next, she worked for a grooming business before signing on at a nearby veterinary clinic to gain even more hands-on experience with pets. Khristy was happy to join the All About Animals Veterinary Services team in October of 2017 as a Kennel Technician—her favorite part of the job is seeing a pet’s success story from initial diagnosis to a full recovery.

Away from work, Khristy enjoys fishing, going to concerts, horseback riding, and spending quality time with her family and pets. She has a son, Luke, as well as two daughters named Ariel and Amelya, and the family shares their lives with a beautiful Pit Bull mix named Luna.

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